Unlocking the full potential of the gut microbiome

MRM Health's proprietary CORAL® platform allows to harness the full power of the gut microbiome to develop effective and safe therapeutics by combining rationally selected strains into Optimized Consortia through a proprietary optimization process and a unique manufacturing strategy as single Drug Substance

MRM Health in brief

Clinical-stage biotech (Belgium, 2020) developing therapeutics based on optimized consortia of live bacteria.
Disruptive CORAL® technology for consortia design, optimization and manufacturing, overcoming key hurdles in field.
Best-in-class therapeutics for inflammatory, CNS and metabolic diseases, with excellent safety and disease-modifying potential.
Clinical program in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), with trial in Ulcerative Colitis completed and ongoing in Pouchitis (Orphan indication).
Preclinical programs in CNS (Parkinson’s Disease, Metabolic diseases (Type 2 Diabetes and NAFLD/NASH) and auto-immune diseases (Spondyloarthritis).

Based on two decades of experience in microbiome R&D

MRM Health is based in a Center of Expertise for microbiome research and development in the biotech cluster in Ghent and has a strategic partnership with the the leading life sciences institute VIB, with top research groups in both microbiome analysis and ecology and in host biology and disease research.

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CORAL® platform

Through its differentiating technology platform, MRM Health develops Optimized Consortia, a novel class of microbial therapeutics which surpass the current microbiome approaches. Using a bioinformatics-guided in-human discovery engine, key therapeutic strains are identified and integrated into Optimized Consortia through its proprietary Microbiome Optimization Technology. The Company’s breakthrough GMP-compliant manufacturing technology allows to manufacture complete therapeutic consortia as a single Drug Substance.

Microbiome optimised consortia

With its impressive consortia optimization and manufacturing technology, MRM Health disrupts exactly there where others stumble.

Prof. Jeroen Raes, KOL Gut Microbiome VIB-KULeuven, Belgium

CORAL® platform

Fully characterized consortia of 5-10 safe & effective strains
Optimized and primed for sustained impact on disease
Faster onset-of-action & superior efficacy profile
Breakthrough manufacturing as single Drug Substance with reduced complexity & cost-of-goods
Differentiating regulatory status

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Strong industrial and financial support

MRM Health has a corporate collaboration with IFF (formerly DuPont Nutrition Biosciences) in the discovery and development of microbiome-based therapeutics in the field of metabolic diseases. Other therapeutic areas are available for partnering. The Company is strategically supported by strong local and international investors, including Ackermans & van Haaren, IFF, OMX Venture Fund Europe, Qbic II and VIB.

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Development capabilities

MRM Health features End-to-End development capabilities, from discovery to CMC, regulatory and clinical development. We have direct access to the most advanced simulator of the human gut, the Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME®). In addition, through strategic partnerships with international research centers, MRM Health has secured extensive complementary microbiome and bioinformatics capabilities, multidisciplinary knowhow and patient insights.

In the news

Following Positive Topline Results from Phase 2a Clinical Study in Mild-to-Moderate Ulcerative Colitis, MH002 shows also Positive Topline Results in the Rare Indication Pouchitis

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