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Developing first-in-class therapeutics by harnessing the full power of the gut microbiome

For a long time, microbiologists struggled with the concept of “mixed cultures”. Scientific data had to be reliable and reproducible and descriptions of mixed cultures, were to be considered with caution because their validity could be questionable. Yet, at the same time, the mixed cultures in and around us, and in the overall ecosystems in which we live, are responsible for a plethora of crucial actions impacting the quality of our lives and the planet in general.

Microbial Resource Management (MRM) is the microbial alternative to Human Resource Management. In a dynamic open environment, be it human or microbial, there is a need for complementing talents and capacities by bringing various actuators together in a proper setting. Once the proper team is established, there is a need to maintain it by constant exchange of information and distribution of mutual gains.

MRM is the science of scouting for top performers, the knowledge of transforming such top performers into high-performance teams and the capacity to guarantee the functionality of industrially important microbiomes. This makes that successful translation of MRM into practice will be a key driver for harnessing the full power of the gut microbiome for therapeutics development.

Willy Verstraete, Prof. Em. Microbial Ecology, Ghent University, Belgium

Microbial Resource Management

MRM is our core identity and approach to steer the gut microbiome and improve host-microbiome interactions by restoring metabolic networks and functional niches. Based on thorough understanding of gut microbiome dysbiosis and impaired host-microbiome interactions in disease, we translated MRM concept into CORAL®, as a unique technology platform to design, optimize and manufacture a novel class of effective, disease-modifying and safe therapeutics based on optimized consortia of live bacteria.


Based on science, led by experts

Based on two decades of microbiome experience, the company has end-to-end development capabilities and is led by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team with industrial and academic expertise in microbiome and translational R&D, bioinformatics, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical development.

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Microbiome specialists

Unique and differentiating platform for the discovery and development of novel microbiome-based therapeutics to overcome critical bottlenecks currently hampering microbiome-based product development.

Based on two decades of experience in microbiome research and development.

Integrated in MRM Technologies Center of Excellence for Microbiome R&D (+/- 2.000m² dedicated facilities).

End-to-end development capabilities, from discovery to CMC, regulatory and clinical development.

Current team: 25 FTEs and hiring, with seasoned management and specialist R&D team.

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