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Our proprietary CORAL® platform utilizes a bioinformatics-guided in-human discovery engine combined with a breakthrough in optimization and manufacturing of consortia as single drug substance. Identifying key disease-modifying bacterial strains, creating high-performance teams and manufacturing complete consortia in a single process step – CORAL® is the new standard for effective consortia therapeutics development

Microbiome therapeutics – a novel therapeutic modality

The human intestine is inhabited by a dense and diverse microbial ecosystem. These bacteria play key roles in supporting our health, including the modulation of our immune system roles and producing beneficial metabolites. However, structural or functional imbalances in the gut microbiome are now understood to have a strong connection with a range of diseases, including inflammatory, metabolic and CNS disorders.

Bridging the gaps

While recent clinical evidence shows that restoring the gut microbiome can positively impact different diseases and that microbiome therapeutics may combine excellent safety with potential to modify diseases, novel solutions are required for disease-focused strain selection, delivery of active strains to the gut and most of all effective, standardized and scalable manufacturing.

CORAL® provides that solution.

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Our Breakthrough CORAL® Platform

We develop Optimized Consortia, the next-generation of microbiome therapeutics based on live bacterial consortia. Using a bioinformatics-guided in-human discovery engine and our Microbiome Optimization Technology, disease-specific therapeutic consortia are designed with optimized potency, capable of effective engraftment and rapid onset-of-action, with a range of robust and superior functional responses. Our unique consortium manufacturing technology as single Drug Substance allows scalable and accelerated manufacturing development with strongly reduced complexity and Cost of Goods.

Patient-driven strain selection

Our patient-driven bioinformatics platform paired with disease mechanism screening and the SHIME® gut simulator allows enhanced microbial strain selection.

Proprietary Consortia Optimization

Our proprietary optimization platform bolsters our consortia’s efficacy by enhancing strain robustness and creating synergistic, supportive ecosystems.

Enhanced Engraftment

Optimization primes consortia for successful in situ activity and efficient engraftment in the GI tract, driving therapeutic efficacy.

cGMP-compliant Manufacturing

Our unique single-step consortia manufacturing process offers excellent scalability, standardization, and regulatory advantages as a “single drug substance.

Our technology - SHIME®
Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem

  • Most advanced simulator of the human gut on the market
  • Allows to model the complete intestine in the lab
  • Direct insight into intestinal processes
  • Complete intestinal microbiome in natural environment
  • Modeling of engraftment and therapeutic potential of microbiome therapeutics
  • Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem
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